Back Home in Reading PA

To all, a note to let you all know that our wonderful team and I arrived safely back in Reading PA very early Sunday morning. After much consideration of our intended goals, plans, and personal commitments, we collectively decided to terminate our adventure near Newton, IL. And as fate would have it, Russ’ mighty Windstar follow-van gave its last effort furthering us to Terre Haute, and with the engine light, ABS light, and airbag warning lights glowing on the dashboard, finally encountered electrical system failure requiring an alternator replacement Saturday morning.

Team AFU and I extend our most sincere best wishes to all of the participants, organizers, officials, and volunteers constructing this amazing event, and to all of those we encountered – both along the road and online – much appreciation for your genuine support and heartfelt passion.



Rick, Annie, Bep, Russ, George, Katie, John, Julie, Kerry, Eric

…and Tom R, our team master strategist and communications director

11 comments to Back Home in Reading PA

  • Scott Hummel

    Great job Rick. You and the team did a fabulous job. Riding from CA to IL is one hell trip! That’s a lot of a good thing. Hope you do it again next year.

  • Rick –

    Congratulations on a truly epic ride. My longest brevet to date is 200K. I’m sure I can’t even imagine the physical, mental, emotional and logistical challenges involved in riding something like 12 – 15 times that distance (more?) in 8 or 9 days.

    I found your adventure very inspiring and look forward to congratulating you in person at the next opportunity.

    Mike Binnix

  • Naomi Scearce

    You were amazing and inspiring. There is nothing to regret. Well, except that now Paul is saying “wow, once the boys are grown, wouldn’t it be great…” To which I reply “NO! It is only good for Rick!” Try not to inspire us too much. Is it too late? Damn.

  • "RAAM Bep"

    Hey George and Tom, thanks for blogging. This is really helpful for me since I’m trying to reconstruct the past few wonderful weeks of crewing for Rex. Having trouble distinguishing one day from the next at times. Going to sleep now for a few days to catch up….. bep

  • mom jean carpenter


  • Andrew

    Well done, Sir Rick.
    As Paul & Naomi note, you have inspired us all to wonder, “could I?”
    I am quite proud to call you friend and fellow PA randonneur.


  • Scott Grimes

    “Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves”……J. Muir

    Nice Job Rex

  • Guy

    Glad to hear everyone is back safely. Looks like a tough year for solo riders-by my count only 14/30 finished. You’ll get it next time…

  • MG

    Rick, it was so exciting to follow you and see you endure this challenge as far as you did. It really was amazing. Glad to hear you are all home safe. All the best,


  • BIG Kahunnah

    “VALIANT EFFORT” see u @ the FEST

  • Between working, sleeping and running down country roads as much as possible I kept checking your status.. I told everyone at TS 42 that if they heard that you were getting close to let me know.. I was going to order up the biggest strawberry milkshake I could find.. (I heard you mention this on one of your videos.) So.. we will see you next year.

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