“Only those who will risk going too far …

…can possibly find out how far one can go” (-T.S. Eliot)  As of 6:30PM EDT, Rick Carpenter has gone over 2,139 miles, from the Pacific ocean, across the desert, over the Rockies, across the plains, and beyond the Mississippi River. Rick prudently decided to temporarily suspend riding, after blurred vision and seeing double made it unsafe to go any further today. He and his crew are currently checked into a hotel for the night in Newton, IL.

Although the goal of reaching Annapolis as an official finisher is now beyond his grasp, Rick and his crew are not finished with their RAAM journey yet. They are looking forward to achieving additional goals beyond what they’ve already accomplished.  Indeed, one milestone they reached today was going beyond the total distance of the Tour de France.  And there are certainly other worthy ones down the road …  Rick and his crew will assess their options after a good nights rest.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

29 comments to “Only those who will risk going too far …

  • Craig Martek

    Truly an achievement to be proud of! It would be an honor to clip in with you on some future ride! Well done, Rick – no matter how much farther you go!!

  • len zawodniak

    An amazing effort !! What you have already done is far far beyond what most riders would aspire to. Congratulations on a heroic ride !

  • Scott Korbich

    Way to go Rick! One for your record book for sure! If you feel better in the morning, just keep going! See how far you can get by Monday afternoon.

    I get the strange feeling you will be back for more punishment in the coming years. You just need to get one of Winnabagos next time. See you on the lunch ride soon!


  • Mark and Janine

    Farthest distance on a standard bike in your division. Can’t get any better than that. Outstanding effort. We’ll be here cheering until you stop.

  • Rick –

    Watching your journey unfold has been exciting and inspiring. Congratulations for so many amazing accomplishments.


  • Bobbi

    Damn, you’re good! Congratulations on your amazing ride. Can’t wait to read more here, and then give you one hell of a massage when you get home.

  • Naomi Scearce

    over 2000 miles. You are amazing. Every time your crew posted they said how good your attitude was. Maybe they were just being nice, but after spending day after day with you , I doubt it. Give yourself every bit of the praise you should, because that is just incredible.

  • Mavis

    1000 is a milestone.
    1500 is a milestone.
    2000 is a milestone.

    All milestones are sweet. Like others, I am cheering for you all the way. Anybody who worked so hard at something can be proud of what they accomplished!

  • Tony

    Followed you from the start. You may be disappointed, but that was one heck of a ride and a tremendous effort by you and your crew. Well done. Rest, recover and ride on!

  • rick you know you are my brother I am sure fermo and paolo think the same like I always say
    To try at all is to risk failure
    but to live we must.
    Ride to Finish.

    tony lonero, we have a mission now to do, we have to finish remember!!

  • paolo laureti

    “To try at all is to risk failure
    but to live we must.” it’s true,
    but consider where you stay and how miss to finish!!!


  • To not finish makes you human!

  • Bill B

    What an inspiring effort and accomplishment already. Almost three 1200Ks in a row, over huge mountains, and through blistering heat. Pretty amazing. We’re all proud of you, Rick.

  • Bret (BCAAS)

    For someone who took up adult cycling a little over four years ago, you are AMAZING. To take on a goal like RAAM and complete more than 2,100 miles is more than impressive. Did your fashion sense take away from racing? I don’t think so. Your crew gave it their all and it showed in the blogs, photos and distance that you completed. I hope you enjoyed the experience and feel an accomplishment for all that you did. I look forward to following next year’s RAAM and your four man team. I guess that will be like a ride around town compared to the last eight days. Maybe you want to let someone who’s had a little more sleep drive you home to Reading. Again, many congrats on a ride well taken!

  • It was an amazing journey of strength, endurance and courage. Stay away from my son (Tony), or he´ll talk you into another one.


  • Guy

    Congratulations to you all on an AWESOME accomplishment! You really put the difficulty of this race in perspective for the rest of us.

  • Anabella and MJ

    Uncle Rick, we are so proud of you. We rode our bikes around the block with just a little help! Can’t wait to see you for diner when you get back.

  • George Harriott


    Congratulations on your mind-boggling achievement! Double vision – yeah that seems like a good time to stop…

    Hope to see you on the lunch rides soon (not even a warm-up for you I am sure).


  • Don Jagel

    Your race to the Mississippi was an incredible accomplishment and the continuing miles after shows way more determination than a “normal” super-human. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments so far.

  • John Kaiser

    There are no words that truly express the feat you have achieved. The difficulty of what you achieved already and aspired to achieve is beyond measure in any terms. You are a true inspiration to all whenever we are presented with life challenges. Whatever you decide to do from here I wish you the best of luck.

  • Steve Cook

    Double vision is never a good thing on a bike. Glad to hear the miles didn’t affect your judgment and you got some well-earned rest.

    If you want to keep going, then go! My home state of Ohio is easily within your reach. If you’ve had enough fun, then rest up and we’ll see you back in Allentown on the lunch rides.

    Congratulations on a great achievement.

  • You are a true inspiration for all of us!

  • Ron A.

    It’s already been said, but we’re going to say it too – Incredible ride, incredible effort Rick and crew! …and I’ve got to say I agree 100% with Guy’s comment about putting the difficulty of the race in perspective. Congratulations on your accomplishment!

  • Rick – well done! I can’t even imagine what you’ve been through. What an amazing accomplishment! One official finisher (maybe) in the 50+ solo category? That says something about the challenge and the conditions, eh? You are an amazing inspiration. Congratulations and Godspeed.

  • Carol Martin

    How about an update on how Rick is doing?

  • What an exciting journey. I can’t imagine battling Shermer’s Neck for as long as you did, let alone ride over 2100 miles as a single stage. We are all very proud of your courage and effort.

  • Linda Padgett

    Rick, you are an amazing athlete. Mike and I were on the edge of our seats all week. We were with you from time-station to time-station. It was an amazing journey. When you reached Mississippi – we all cried.
    Everyone is at awe at what you achieved.

  • Hank

    Great feat of strength Rex, Like the amazing Adam .
    The pickle patrol would be proud.

  • Congratulations on an outstanding feat of strength and endurance.
    Who said old dogs can’t learn new tricks.
    You are the ultimate Electric Warrior.

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