illinois morning

Rick accomplished his goal yesterday of reaching the Mississippi river in time to continue RAAM. Rick and crew are both pretty worn out. Because our future in the race was in doubt yesterday, it now feels like we need to regroup and recharge for a final push to the finish line.

Rick continues to battle the Shermer Neck with dignity and grace. We’re currently along side US40 (near St Elmo) and administering therapy to Rick.

As of 10 AM EDT, we’re back on the road and about an hour away from TS 37 in Effingham, IL.

Current weather conditions at Effingham are: 76F but very high humidity – dew points are in the 70’s, which is nearly tropical. ¬†Forecast for today indicates some tough cycling conditions: sunny and hot, with temperatures in the 90’s. The on-road temperatures will probably be around 100F in any open exposed areas, and combined with the high humidity, those mild days in the desert will seem pretty good in comparison.

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  • Bret (BCAAS)

    If the electrodes were hooked up to a small generator on the rear wheel, the faster RIck goes, the more relief he would experience. TO feel better, you have to go farther and faster… How does that play with one’s mind and body? Let’s go Rick, we want to see you tired, smiling and at the finish line before 3pm on Monday.

  • Rick! I’m rooting for you!!! Hang in there. 2/3 are in the books!

  • Guy

    You guys look great in the pictures. I still suspect that this is Type 2 fun on the Fun Scale. Regroup and become an official finisher to make it so!

  • Bobbi Kisebach

    Woooo Hoooo! You all crossed the big bad Mississippi. And in time. Well done!!!

    Alright. You’re back east now. You’ve done this part before. 1000 miles on home turf. Thanks for all the fun watching from here. Go Rick, go.

    With incredible admiration,

  • John Kaiser

    Congrats on making it to the Mississipi River. I knew you could do it.

  • Andrew

    Keep on keepin’ on, Rick. One mile at a time.
    Ask the crew to read you a few of Emily’s limericks.

  • jud


    I am so happy to learn that you made the cutoff at the Mississippi River. I can’t imagine the difficulties you must be experiencing, but you are one tough hombre. I’m very proud of you.


  • Bill F

    Rick – I have to ride a dinky 600k this weekend but I’ll be thinking of you with every rotation of the cranks. I’ll bring you back some pictures of the lake (but don’t tell anybody, especially Juan……shhhhhhhhh)

    Bill F

  • You look like the bionic man hooked up to all those electrodes. Stayed charged!!

    Sending you positive thoughts,

  • Bob

    Shermer’s got the better of me on BMB 2006. I’m glad to see you turning the tables on it during RAAM.

    — Bob

  • Come on, come on!!!!

    You can make it!

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