After crossing the MS river Rick was treated to 4 hours in a hotel room plus his third real shower of this 8 day adventure. Rick is back on the road as of 11:10 pm. Thursday night.

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  • go rick from all of your friends in pastaland, wine is on me when you come back

  • Paolo Bronzetti

    Ciao rick
    ti scrivo questa preghiera era di un mio carissimo amico un fratello come noi
    ogni giorno la leggerò per te certo di un tuo arrivo alla meta

    Preghiera del Ciclista

    Fà che io possa cantare
    sotto la pioggia.
    Danzare sotto la neve.
    Avanzare nel vento
    Orientarmi nella nebbia.
    Rialzarmi nella caduta.
    Lodarti al sole.
    Signore Gesù,
    la bicicletta e come la vita
    Fatica e sudore,
    ma anche gioia e amore.
    Maria Madre del cammino,
    che le nostre ruote e le nostre vite
    percorrano sempre le vie
    che portano al signore

    un abbraccio grande grande


  • Ride strong Rick! EVERYONE…and I do mean EVERYONE is pulling for you!!! Way to go crew!!! Great job!!

  • Kelly Smith

    Go Rick! I’m buying the control beer on the next brevet we ride together!

  • Charlie

    I rode across the US but nothing like a RAAM. My trip took 24 days which was difficult, but not even close to RAAM. That gave me a better appreciation for what Rick has and is accomplishing. This is an exceptionally tough mental and physical feat and it seems like the more difficult the conditions get, the stronger and more resolved Rick gets. Aside from this great accomplishment, Rick is inspiring others. Go Rick Go. Keep turning those pedal to the East. GREAT RIDING!

  • Guy

    After all that luxury of bed and shower time to go catch one or two of the younger folks a couple TS ahead of you. Keep rollin.

  • Bill F

    Rick – Glad you got a shower, every time I opened this blog it was getting…..well, ah… know.

    Bill F

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