2000 Miles Completed – Just 1005 Miles to go!

As Rick races to the Mississippi River, he reached the 2000 mile mark:

1999.9 Miles ...

2000 miles in the can!

… congratulations to Rick and the crew for reaching this milestone.  And just further down the road is another big milestone … As of 4:30PM EDT, Rick was on pace to reach the Mississippi River between 5:30 and 6:00 PM.

Rick’s wife, Lora Beth forwarded this to me earlier today: “…I heard a wonderful story about the kindness of the people on the route.  Apparently Rick wanted to stop for something to eat and the whole team pulled into the restaurant.  They gave Rick his food for free and gave the team a cream pie….”  A very heartwarming experience for sure!  Lora Beth adds: “… Rick is making a superhuman effort to get this far.  The magnitude of this accomplishment for Rick can be simply stated;  at the 2000 mile mark Rick doubled his personal best.  While performing this incredible feat, his team mates say that he is a true gentlemen on the course and an amazing athlete.  His entire family is very proud of him and we are wishing him the best for the remaining trip to Annapolis.  Kudos to the team for being a vital part of this accomplishment …

Crew member and NJ Randonneur, Katie Raschdorf posted this recap of the past couple of days: “…Day 4 or is it Day 5? I have no idea…. I’m very tired it’s 5am RAAM time or maybe its 3am local time I can’t remember all I know is I slept in a teepee in a town called Mexican Hat and it SUCKED! :? I’m just kidding, or at least I don’t mean for the above to sound like I’m not having the best time! because I am! (other than sleeping in that teepee). I’ve been incommunicado for the past few days as we’ve been riding through some pretty desolate areas. the scenery is breathtaking and the views are awe inspiring.  Rick reached the summit at Wolfs Pass at the Continental Divide this morning. it was an amazing journey to the top of the summit. … he stood the entire way, I of course reached the summit as a seated climb in the comfort of the repair van. :lol: After the early morning summit it ended up being a really tough day. Rick is feeling the toll of the road in his hands but most of all in his neck. Schermers neck is rearing its ugly head. I was tasked to come up with a solution working with fellow crew member Julie Bay, together I think we nailed a “go fast contraption” that seems to be giving Rick some of the relief he desperately needs.  He’s in bed now for a long sleep of 4 hours with a Tens unit on. We are hoping he wakes up in one piece or at least a little less fractured than when he went to bed.  Crewing is hard psychically and mentally. for the most part things are moving along as expected. I’m having a great time (except for the whole sleeping in a Teepee thing). I hope you all know what day it is today. lest you have forgotten IT”S MY BIRTHDAY!!! :bday: …”

-Tom Rosenbauer

Eastern PA RBA

8 comments to 2000 Miles Completed – Just 1005 Miles to go!

  • Bill F

    1,000 miles left… shoot that’s only a miglia italia. You’ve done that before!!!!

    Keep it up, you’re looking great.

    Bill F

  • Rick –

    I’ve been reading the posts all day and pulling for you to make this cut at TS35. What a remarkable journey you’ve made. Simply amazing!!


  • Eric

    Amy Xu’s team was told she could continue even though she was hours past the time cutoff. Looks like she may have decided to drop out.

  • Eric

    Awesome! He made it to the Mississippi, go Rick!

  • Bret (BCAAS)

    I saw you just got to TS35 and there was NO DNF behind your name… WOO HOO!!! Soon it will be like riding at home…well…maybe after not sleeping for a week and torturing your body, THEN riding at home… For the crew – Great Job getting Rick this far. Your job is not envied by those of us reading the blogs. Be careful and keep making those miles disappear.

  • Paul Carpenter

    Hi Rick, keep pedaling. Enjoyed riding with you and meeting your crew. What an adventure!

  • Guy

    I’m guessing Rick must have taken the team picture above – holding a camera steady after 2000 miles IS impressive.

    Congrats to you all, only a 1000 more…

  • Paolo Bronzetti

    Rick vai ormai non ti ferma più nessuno.

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