On the way to Washington, MO

At 9AM EDT, Rick was about half way along the 77-mile leg to TS 34 in Washington, MO:

Jefferson City, MO to Washington, MO

As you can see, the route follows the Missouri River. There are some impressive looking thunderstorms just to the north of the river, and there is a flood watch all along the Missouri River between Jefferson City and Washington, MO.  According to to a NOAA weather bulletin, one inch of rain has fallen in the past 24 hours with more on the way.

Crewman George Metlzer just checked in with me: “…Rick is emerging from the fog after climbing a steep section along the  Bluffs along the Missouri river.  He spent the night dodging  spectacular thunderstorms.  Rick continues to be alert and fully engaged in his quest to be an official RAAM finisher. We are halfway to time station #34 in Washington, MO and then hello Mississippi River.  Speaking of Rivers…we have a route note telling  us that it is acceptable to give your rider a ride in the car where  the water covers the road. While we appreciate the compassion…aren’t there usually advisories  issued against crossing roads covered with water?

Riding along the Missouri River to Washington, MO

Over the past couple of days, a number of riders have been delayed by closed roads, and the RAAM organizers are making time adjustments when this happens.  This may certainly come into play as Rick makes his run to the Mississippi River.

Looking at the Spot Tracker data, I’m estimating Rick’s arrival to TS34 around 11 AM.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

7 comments to On the way to Washington, MO

  • Way to go Rick! Keep it going! We’re all pulling for you. I may have to borrow that cool neck device from you some day! Tom, thanks for the great updates!!!!

  • Linda

    Do you mean 11AM

  • Don Jagel

    Rick, you are almost over the crux! Soon it will be time to really start counting down the miles and states. Enjoy the ride towards home, but don’t let down your guard. We’ve got a great 17 mph wind out of the west-northwest out here. Wish I could send it your way. Congrats to the best support team out there on keeping your rider rolling.

  • Bret (BCAAS)

    Rain? How great is that when a shower is a waste of down-time? The new fashion will be the skunk stripe on your back from riding in the rain. Keep pushing and make the Mississippi before the cutoff! GO RICK!

  • Bill B

    When all of this is over, a question will remain. How many different jerseys does Rick actually own???

  • Linda

    A lifetime of free tuneups awaits you at Cycle Funattic……

  • Linda

    Can we get an update on Rick’s progress? How close is he to Mississippi, his speed, how is he feeling, weather conditions?

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