A Knife’s Edge

The RAAM website is showing that Rick is on schedule to make the Mississippi time cut and that he will continue on to Annapolis, MD to become an official finisher of RAAM. Rick has poured his best effort into this race and I believe that we as Rick’s crew have given him our best. All of this said, it may not be enough, but Rick has chosen to measure himself against one of the most difficult sporting challenges. The suprise with RAAM is not that 50% of solo attempts fail it is that 50% actually succeed.
Follow us today on the blog as we record the push to the river.
Rick is currently focused on reaching the Jefferson City Time station.

17 comments to A Knife’s Edge

  • having just gotten off much of the RAAM route with the Elite Tour riders — that NE wind was a bad deal! Missouri hills difficult.. I hope that Rick can wake up his brain so that the rest of the Race can actually happen..

    good luck to rick and the crew… all of you the talk of the internet!

    Moving forward gets you to the finish line!

    Susan Notorangelo “9 days, 9 hours, 9 minutes 1989 finisher of RAAM

  • go riccardo , my mom and her friends may ride down from pittsburgh to chear you on
    take care brother!!
    I believe in you !
    Ride to finish
    tony lonero

  • paolo laureti


  • Mark G

    Nothing can stop you Rick. Dig deep.

  • Go Rex, go, show the world it’s not only the Dutch that can cycle like hell!!

  • Craig Martek

    You’re doing AWESOME Rick! Keep pushing!
    You’re crew is also doing an awesome job!

  • Guy

    Roll Rick roll! Keep’em turning…

  • Bill F

    Go Rick – Awesome job, keep the pedals spinning (and everything else lubricated).

  • Go Rick!! You’re on the back nine now and in second place to boot! A podium finish behind a guy on a recumbent? First upright finish in the 50+ category? Not too shabby! One mile at a time, brother. Soon you’ve even got the home turf advantage.

  • Bill B

    Keep it up Rick! You are really flying along. All your friends in DC Randonneurs are pulling for you. Hope to see you soon on the home stretch through Mt. Airy!

  • Jon Levitt

    You are the man! Keep going Rick! We’re pulling for you.

  • Paolo Bronzetti

    Riccardo sei super stai andando fortissimo non mollare continua cosi ancora poche miglia
    Ride to Finish

  • Hank

    REX- Mary Ellen Carterit boy!!!
    “And you to whom adversity has dealt the final blow, with smiling bastards lying to you everywhere you go, Turn to and put out all your strength of heart and arm and brain, and like the Mary Ellen Carter RISE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Bill F

    Here’s proof that I’m no Emily O’Brien (with pedals or words):

    There once was a rider named Rick
    With a team oh so clever and quick
    When his neck started aching
    A neck bra they started making
    Now he’s past the river and won’t quit

  • Naomi Scearce

    I’m reading about the team racers complaining about the various difficulties (like shivering their butts off going down the Rockies) and snickering because my man Rick (notice the unwarranted familiarity) did it on his own. Go GO GOOOOO! We are behind you 100% and think you are just amazing no matter what the out come. But we still want you to finish it!

  • You are one TOUGH dude. Hope to see you along the course somewhere. Maybe Cumberland??? You are already a winner in my book!!

    (Tony Lonero’s Mom)

  • Maile

    I know that Rick is giving this his all – and more.

    But you guys are too. George, Katie, Bep, Ann, Russ, Julie, and John you are doing such an AWESOME job. Pulling RAAM off is a monumental effort on everyone’s part. I am sure just keeping Rick fed and diapered is huge! And then you have to listen to his music. Wow. That is devotion.

    Can’t wait to see you cross the Big Muddy this afternoon.

    And if you would just speed up I could see you at the end before I leave town.

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