On the way to Weaubleau, MO

Heading into Missouri from eastern Kansas

At 11:13 PM EDT, Rick checked into TS 30 (Ft. Scott) with another strong stage of 13.9 MPH, raising his average pace to 10.5 MPH.  As of 2PM, he’s just about at the half-way point to TS 31, 66 miles down the road in Weaubleu, MO.  I happened to be talking to crewman George Metzler, when Rick was taking a short break, and I got a chance to speak to Rick directly:

Rick taking a quick stop in eastern Kansas, to chat with his RBA

Rick sounded good, and other than the normal aches and pains you would expect after being on the bike for 1,700+ miles, he has managed to avoid the debilitating problems that have ended the rides of several other competitors so far.  The biggest issue right now, is dealing with the “sleepies”, as Rick calls them.  And being on the wrong side of a time limit is certainly a new experience for Rick.  But I’m confident that Rick and his crew will figure out a way to stay on track, and make the next cut off at the Mississippi River.

But as fellow PA Randonneur Andrew Mead observes: “…Many say that the race truly begins at the Mississippi.  Riders are tired, but should have reached a ‘steady state’ of fatigue. Terrain is definitely much tougher.  I’ve seen more individuals and team disintegrate in West Virginia [over the years]….  As many will observe, the western and eastern mountains are very different.  Long and gradual is not so bad.  Short and steep can be a killer, especially when there’s not much power left in the stroke. … I’d look for Rick to struggle to get out of single digit leg averages between TS45 & TS 47.  I’m really hoping I’m wrong.  Rick always seems to climb well so I’m hoping that his

struggle has been endless miles in the saddle without much cause to move around on the bike…”

Having seen Rick ace the hilly brevets out in eastern Pennsylvania over the years, I’d agree with Andrew that perhaps some “home turf” is just what Rick needs as a change of pace to deal with the struggle to stay awake.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

7 comments to On the way to Weaubleau, MO

  • Bret (BCAAS)

    You’ve got almost three hours on the german and the italian zamboni is nowhere in sight (he must be iced over). Push through to the Mississippi and then its like riding at home… right? I’m in awe of your stamina and willpower, so keep cranking those miles and impressing the heck out of all of us. Congrats to the crew for keeping Rick focused and supported. You might not get the immediate kudos, but we know there are people behind the scenes making an amazing effort too.

  • great note tom, I agree

  • DoverDave

    How come Rick is always riding into a head wind? I thought the wind would be, most likely, at his back when riding from the west coast to the east coast. I will never understand the wind. It’s always into my face.

    It’s truly amazing at what pushes us to pursue our endeavors. I would be happy to just ride across the country at a leisurely pace. Go Rick, Go.

  • rosenbauer

    As of 3:15PM, Rick was approaching Collins, MO, where the current winds are blowing out the SE at 3 MPH. That’s actually not too bad, and in fact, Rick managed to avoid some of the adverse winds that other riders saw earlier in the same region. It looks like a bigger weather issue, short term, may be the heat and humidity headed Rick’s way. -Tom Rosenbauer, Eastern PA RBA

  • Guy

    Rick, Saw the note about your sleepies, missing the Kansas rumble strip are you? Looking good man!

  • Andrew

    Ice socks and head bras. What a trendsetter you are!!

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