Maize, KS

At 7PM, Rick checked into TS 27 in Maize, KS.  It’s been a great day so far for Rick.  He put together another strong stage, averaging 14.5 MPH over the past 77 miles — one of the longer of the 55 time stations.  This raised his overall pace to 10.6 MPH, and gets him right on track to make the time limit.  The RAAM website is projecting Rick’s arrival at the Mississippi River to be on Thursday, 3:16 PM.  This would be 16 minutes over the time limit, but Rick has a 20-minute time credit (probably due to some detours).  And due to the staggered, time-trial start, Rick has an additional 31 minute to the good.  So taking these adjustments into account, he is projected to make it under the wire by 35 minutes — it’s that close, at this point.

Rick will want to certainly build up his time margin, and he’s off to a good start by keeping his stop at Maize short… by 7:45 PM, he was back on the bike and headed to El Dorado, KS.

Two other riders in the under 50 men’s solo division  DNF’d today.  Surprisingly, one of the riders was front runner Mark Pattinson, who until today, was in 3rd place, and in the hunt for a podium finish.  From his crew’s twitter account, the explanation given was: “…Just had to DNF. Neck problems too severe. Can’t lift head at all and today became clear its not going to get better…

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

8 comments to Maize, KS

  • Mike

    Way to go Rick. You can do it. ONE STAGE AT A TIME BUDDY.

  • Chico

    Ok Rex time to kick in that PFF energy and start “singing in the Mississippi dew” — The Rex Riders are doing a great job! Keep it up — This is truely a Rex Team effort.
    Peace and Ride On!!!!!

  • Bobbi

    Thank goodness for this blog for we stay-at-homes to follow you. I am just SO excited for you all. Following your travels, oo-ing at the scenery, loving the neck support, thrilled at your progress. Wooo-hoooo!

  • Eric

    I get the impression they aren’t quite that tight with the time. It says they don’t have to be in the rules. If they were, Dufour and Zamboni would be DNF. Anyway, Go Rick!

  • Bill F

    Rick – We’ve started designing a neck bra with an integrated red wig for use during Rexina events. Final production samples will be sent shortly. Please advise delivery location and date.

    Ride Strong!

  • Rick – Go, man go! You are doing an amazing job! I knew when I heard the story of how you crashed in LEL, borrowed a fellow rider’s bike and kept on going that you were made of something special, but this is ridiculous! You are a machine! Keep up the amazing effort and take it one TS at a time. Build that time cushion one mile at a time. Steady does it! You’re an inspiration! Love the neck bra, by the way. . .

  • Brian Griffith

    Rick-I’m really impressed! Keep going strong and remember the discomfort is only temporary. The satisfaction of achieving your goals sticks around forever. Ride like a time trialist!

  • Mark G

    Go Rick Go! This is such an awesome endeavor! You guys are all doing a fantastic job. The blog is really helping us keep in the know!

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