A Bike Race, at RAAM?

In RAAM you can race for half a day without seeing another competitor but this morning three of the 50-59 solo men’s racers started from Trinidad, CO.

Rick traded places with Komescher (GER) and Paul Carpenter. The competition was real but the comradrie between the racers is even stronger. The crews cheer for their competition at every oportunity. We respect just how challenging this event is and celebrate each other’s success.

Komescher put the smack down on our guy Rick Carpenter and his close competitor in the afternoon. He opened up an hours gap from Time Station 21 to 22. Much later in the day we found the elusive Woudenberg blowing away the field in his recumbent. I have to think will need as big a gap as possible when that bike hits the appalchians.

Paul Carpenter is on course outside of Alamosa, CO

Rick Carpenter is being stalked by Paul Carpenter

Gregor Komescher was the 2nd in the 50-59 age class to reach time station #21

Rick is considering firing his crew and hiring Gregor's people...something about the Germans being efficient and doing everything right the first time

Any question as to why Timothy Woudenberg is winning the 50-59 division through the plains?

3 comments to A Bike Race, at RAAM?

  • Andrew

    Yes, LOTS of racing going on.
    RAAM is FAR more exciting to watch that that little race in France.

  • Guy

    Great update George. As tired as Rick and you guys must be you’re right in the middle of a real race. And friendly one even! Hopefully the night skies in Kansas will be clear. No city lights out there. I remember from the Last Chance that the stars seemed to go all the way to ground…

    Keep that spot moving Rick!

  • Linda

    Good going Rick, you’re back in second place in Pratt, KS. I’m keeping the CycleFunattic crew upated on your progress!!

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