Walsh, CO

At 6: 47 PM EDT, Rick checked into TS 22 in Walsh, CO.  It was another strong stage for Rick, despite taking a one hour break at the previous TS in Kim, Rick’s average speed for this leg was 12.7 MPH, raising his overall average one tick to 10.4.  By my estimate, he’s about 2.5 hours down on the time limit.  But he has until about 3:30 PM EDT this Thursday to reach the Mississippi River, so there’s still plenty of opportunity to bank some time.

Rick probably has another two time stations (103 miles) to go today, before he can take an extended rest. Next up, is a 53.8 mile stage into Ulyssess, KS:

Walsh, CO to Ulysses, KS

Another one that trends down.  Winds are currently out of the east at 7 MPH.

In addition to all the nice photos he posted today, Juan Salazar has added a tab to access the Spot Tracker info — thanks Juan!

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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  • Bret (BCAAS)

    Great move into third place at the Walsh checkpoint. Keep those wheels turning! Great job to the support team for keeping Rick on course and motivated!

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