Kim, CO

At 1:25PM EDT, Rick checked into Time Station 21 at Kim, CO.  The RAAM website is showing an average speed of 7.17 MPH for this leg, which of course, has dragged down his overall average speed to 10.3 MPH — slightly below the 10.6 MPH he needs to stay in the game.  But this off-pace result includes his last sleep stop.  In my estimation from the Spot Tracker, he actually covered the 71 miles in 5.5 hours, not including the time off the bike before he set out this morning.  That gives him an on-the-bike average speed of 12.9 MPH, which is a very good result, considering the rolling terrain that is more akin to what we have out here in eastern Pennsylvania.  That’s a positive sign that Rick is making a good recovery from the tough day he had yesterday.

As of 2PM, Rick is still at Kim, for 30 minutes off the bike and counting — the clock on RAAM never stops, and every minute is precious.  I know the crew are doing their best to try to find the optimal mix of rest and ride time, in order to keep Rick on track.  Earlier today, crewman George Metzler sent me the following:  “…We are resting at a hotel in Trinidad, CO.  Rick is taking a 4 hour sleep break plus downtime on each side of the sleep break.  We expect to wake him at 8:00 a.m. EDT and get him on the road ASAP after that.  We tried less sleep the day before at 2.5 hours and we think that was not a good idea.  So today we sleep more…”  I can certainly feel the pain of the crew, as they try to do what’s best keep Rick rolling along.

After his break in Kim, Rick will soon be headed out on a 68-mile stage to Walsh, CO:

Kim, CO to Walsh, CO

While this stage does trend downhill, let me quickly dispel any notion you might have that Rick can just coast along.  Having ridden in this area on the Last Chance 1200k, I can tell you that it hardly feels like you’re riding downhill.  In fact, with the long, expansive views to the horizon, the sensation is more like you’re riding uphill, if anything at all.  A much bigger factor than gravity, is the wind.  And unfortunately, the winds are currently blowing out of the east at 12-15 MPH.

This morning, I heard from team member, Juan Salazar, who will be helping out with the photos taken by the crew these past couple of days. Juan will be updating the “ALBUM” tab on this website — be sure to check back later on today.  Also, some of the earlier posts on this blog have been updated with pictures, so you might want to look back over the older posts for anything you might have missed.  While doing so, be sure to check out some of the nice comments, followers are leaving — on behalf of Rick and his entire crew, THANK YOU very much for all those kind remarks and well-wishes! … and do keep them coming — we truly appreciate all the support, and it really helps us keep going!

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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