On the way to Kim, CO

Despite struggling through a rough patch on the way to La Veta, Rick pushed on through after a brief stop there, and made it into Trinidad, CO at  3:29 AM EDT.  Although it wasn’t a day for banking some time, Rick at least ended up on track there, with an average speed of 10.6 MPH.  He needs to maintain that average speed across the plains to the Mississippi, and up and over the east coast mountains to the finish.  In order to do that, it means covering at least 254 miles in each 24-hour period.  Randonneurs following along will know that’s a 400k brevet each day (one of the longer events on the calender) — and the task before Rick is to string 12 of those 400k’s together, back-to-back!

Shortly after 8AM EDT, Rick was back on the road again and headed to Kim, CO.  This stage looks like it could be from one of my Eastern Pennsylvania brevets with lots of sharp rollers:

Trinidad, CO to Kim, CO

I’m sure Rick will feel he’s right at home here.  After this stage, which Rick would describe as “lumpy”, he can look forward to some kinder and gentler terrain that will trend down into the western plains.  With favorable weather conditions, this could be a good area for Rick to bank some time.

Current weather conditions in Trinidad look favorable as far as temperature: 51F and overcast skies, with a high of 71F predicted — those are almost ideal, as long as the 30% chance of thunderstorms don’t materialize.  The wind is currently adverse, blowing from the east at 7 MPH.  But the forecast is calling for the wind to shift to the northwest at 5-10 MPH which would be a nice boost.

The lead riders who came through Tinidad earlier seemed to have had much worse weather, so it appears that a bit of good fortune has headed Rick’s way.  Let’s hope that holds out through the plains — an adverse wind in the plains can be as tough, is not tougher, than a big climb through the mountains.

Today, I’ll be looking for Rick to make a good recovery and keeping on track for the 10.6 MPH pace he needs to keep.  I also received some photos from crew members George and Katie — I’ll be posting these later today.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

2 comments to On the way to Kim, CO

  • go riccardo we are with you!!
    tony, mimma , paolo and the rest of the italian crew

  • Naomi & Paul Scearce

    Rick, we are rooting for you! Keep it up! You’re making us feel famous just because we did a brevet with you. I’m telling all my patients about you! “Look if this geezer can do it!”

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