“This is RAAM”

This is RAAM,

Rick just endured his toughest day of RAAM.  He started at 3:45 a.m. at Time Station #16 in Pagosa Springs, CO. As we reported earlier he successfully reached the continental divide just after daybreak on Sunday.  The entire crew turned out to cheer him up the mountian. 

The climb was challenging but the descent was much harder on Rick than the climb. Imagine the temps in the 30s and 40s with a wind chill of 40 miles per hour. So while Rick rode the climb up the mountain without stopping, on the descent we had to stop multiple times to try to warm him up. After the main descent was finished and we cleared the time station we looked forward to a 50 mile gentle downhill run to Alomosa, CO.

Gentle HA!!! Nothing in RAAM is gentle. Rick endured several hours of trying to wake up his body.  He was riding in a fog.   We stopped constantly to make equipement adjustments. It was painful. Basically Rick’s body wants a break and he won’t give in, but he can’t really get moving either. So he battled.

Then inspiration came in the form of a German rider Gregor Komescher, he and Rick are in the same 50-59 year old solo division. Rick was riding in 2nd place and Gregor started to overtake him. We notified Rick that he was about to be passed and all of sudden we were racing again. Even though the road turned and he now had ferocious cross winds, Rick pulled out all the stops for the last 20 miles into Alamosa, CO to preserve his 2nd place standing for the time station.

Rick smiled at the Time Station and told me. “This is RAAM” For a segment of time he had found a reason to race. I suspect the rest of the race will be like this. Long periods of struggle and short times of exuberance.

Neck support device 1.0

Climbing Wolf Creek Pass

Cold descent down Wolf Creek

2 comments to “This is RAAM”

  • Bill F

    George and Tom – Thanks so much for the updates, I’ve enjoyed following along and cheering for Rick and the crew.

    Rick – Keep up the good work. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

  • Guy

    Weather sounds like “spring time in the Rockies”. Looks like quite a race for the 50-59 guys and you are right there in the middle of it. Keep those pedals turning and the spot moving!

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