Heading into La Veta, CO

At 9:00PM EDT, Rick was nearly at Time Station 19 (La Veta, CO).  The official arrival time has not been posted yet, but it looks like his average speed on this leg was just around 9 MPH.  This is a bit off pace, but there are plenty of stages remaining to recover and make up some time.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

3 comments to Heading into La Veta, CO

  • Eric

    I figure the slow pace had something to do with climbing from 8200 to 9500 feet. Just thinking about climbing at that altitude makes me short of breath.

  • Chico

    Great Job Rick !!!! Great Job Team Rex !!!! Keep it up – Keep the pedals moving – Sleep well when you can – AFU is rooting for you!!
    Thanks for the blogs – it is fun keeping track of the Rex, the team, and the progress.
    Keep those wheels a-turning, rolling down the road!!!

  • Chris Phillips

    Go Rick,

    You’re doing a great job.
    Don’t get distracted by nice restaurants and expensive Italian wine!

    Chris Phillips (Mille Miglia 08)

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