Samim Rizvi

As you may recall from an earlier post, Rick met up with Samim Rizvi the first participant ever from India. Samim was one of the riders right on the edge of the time limit at Durango, but he made it  just under the wire.

The high associated with that great accomplishment was described by his crew chief on his website: “…Sam made it to Durango, CO after riding nearly 1600 km in 3.5 days with 3 hrs sleep! Said he was thinking of his boys when it got tough. Lots and lots of challenges to overcome yet with RAAM, but getting to Durango in time means we can continue to the Mississippi River. Samim’s effort today is the most incredible athletic performance I have ever witnessed. Beyond inspiring.Truly amazing…”

But surprisingly, Samim’s status was listed as “DNF’ (Did not Finish) shortly afterwards.  The explanation posted on his website was: “…Samim is out of RAAM with influenza pneumonia. Will be fine but cannot continue. Devastated but proved he can ride with best in the world.  Samim’s DNF at RAAM is not the end but just the beginning. He is already thinking about how he will come back next year 10 times stronger. Thank you to everyone who supported Samim for RAAM! All of India can be very proud. Only 16 men in the world made it to Durango this year…”

Yet another testament to the extreme highs and lows that is RAAM.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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