On the way to Alamosa, CO

Rick checked into South Fork, CO at 9:50AM EDT.  For those of you following along with Spot Tracker, Rick appeared to have backtracked a couple of miles after reaching Time Station 17 in town.  This had me a bit puzzled at first, but upon checking out some local maps, there’s a hotel on the edge of town where Rick’s crew probably have a room, allowing Rick to take advantage of that.  The rules allow Rick to get picked up by his crew and get shuttled around, so I can assure you that Rick did not expend one extra pedal stroke than he had to!

The stop in South Fork was relatively short — after about 30 minutes there, he was back on the road and headed to Alamosa, CO:

South Fork, CO to Alamosa, CO

This stage should be a welcome relief for Rick, since it trends downward away from the continental divide towards the western plains.  Weather conditions at Alamosa are a pleasant 60F and will only reach the lower 70F’s today.  Winds are currently south at 9MPH, but the forecast is calling for SW winds 10-20MPH with gusts to 30.  That would generally be a somewhat disruptive cross wind on this stage — hopefully, those stronger winds will hold off a while.

At this point, Rick  is nearly at the 1,000 mile point – 1/3 of the way home!  But his average speed over that distance is 10.6 MPH which is right at the minimum he needs to keep in order to make the next cut-off at the Mississippi River.  The good news is, he and his crew have plenty of time before they have to worry too much about that cut-off.  Today,  I’ll be looking for Rick to keep a steady pace with an average speed better than 10.6 MPH between time stations.  If he can get some fast stages in today, Rick can start building his time cushion back up.

-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

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