Wolf Creek Pass, CO

Rick checked into TS 16 (Pagosa Springs, CO) at 1:22 EDT, and then had some scheduled down time for rest and recovery.  After a 4-hour break, Rick was back on the road at 5:30AM EDT and headed to South Fork, CO.  But in his path is the dreaded climb up and over Wolf Creek Pass which brings him atop the continental divide:

Wolf Creek Pass, on the way to South Fork, CO

At 9AM EDT, Rick was on the climb, making steady progress to the summit.  The lead riders who came through earlier a day ago, had miserable weather conditions: cold,  windy and rainy.  At the bottom of the pass in South Fork, CO, the current conditions are 48F with a slight breeze out of the south at 7 MPH.  Extrapolating that to the top of the mountain peak, Rick is probably seeing temperatures in the low 40F’s or high 30F’s.  That 15-mile descent on the back side will be quite chilly!

Crew member George Metzler just sent me these photos:







-Tom Rosenbauer
Eastern PA RBA

2 comments to Wolf Creek Pass, CO

  • kerry and eric

    Ride baby ride! Go AFU ! Go Rex! See you all tomorrow

  • Craig Martek

    Go Rick Go!!!
    Still hoping to follow in your footsteps, and hope to see you in Hanover (TS51) if I can get there in time to cheer for you. If you can do Tom’s rides from Quakertown, RAAM is a breeze!!!!!
    Keep them pedals churning!

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