Rock Star

My 12 hour shift started with Rick climbing Mingus Mountian at 1 am. On a lower portion of the climb he passed, Saminm Rizvu, the 1st rider from India to ever compete in RAAM. Samin was dressed from head to toe in everything but a parka. Rick was clmbing in a sleeveless jersey and shorts. It was comical.

Rick is answering the only question a RAAM rider has to answer. Do I sleep or do I ride my bike? So far the answer is. RIDE! 54 hours and 679 miles into this race Rick is adding an hour or so to the 2.5 hours he has accumulated so far.

As the days turn into a week the answer to this question will become harder and harder for Rick to answer. Sleep too little and the body breaks down so fast that a 3000 mile race is over in 1500 miles. Rest too often and the desire to sleep overcomes all resolve and the participant morphs into a spectator.

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