Tailwinds and flat tires

Leaving Barrado springs Rick picked up a massive tailwind. I’m guessing a steady 30 miles per hour. A couple of times I looked at him and he was resting from pedaling and was coasting at 25-30 mph.

Rick is being followed pretty much nonstop by one of our vans. The “follow van” leap frogged ahead to prepare for night riding. A few minutes later ricks tire shreaded and he was left standing by the road, no tools, no tire, no crew, but he did have a raging tailwind.

Talk about frustrating! We did find him and had him moving again in 20 minutes . The problem is that rick is a real boy scout and he loves carrying spare equipment on his bike. My job (among many) is to grab stuff off of his bike and throw it in the van when he isn’t looking. After this he will be back to loading 15 pounds of bike supplies on his bike.

We are all doing well and having fun.

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