New Fashion Statement- The Neck Bra

Rick is sporting a new piece of equipement today. Crew member Julia Bay created a device to help support Rick’s head while he is riding. Many Raam competitors suffer from a painful condition known as Shermers neck. After extended periods of cycling with little recovery many cyclists lose the ability to lift their heads up.


Rain and RAAM

It’s 4:43 am and Rick is back on the bike after a luxurious 3-1/2 hour sleep brake. We have entered Utah and we are enjoying our 1st thunderstorm of RAAM 2010.

Thunderstorms in 55 degree weather mean lots of clothing accessories need to be dug out of storage. Rick puts the clothes on and then […]

Rock Star

My 12 hour shift started with Rick climbing Mingus Mountian at 1 am. On a lower portion of the climb he passed, Saminm Rizvu, the 1st rider from India to ever compete in RAAM. Samin was dressed from head to toe in everything but a parka. Rick was clmbing in a sleeveless jersey and shorts. […]

Mingus mountian

Rick at the summit of Mingus Mountian

Head nods and head bobs

It is 3:15 am and I am sleepy. Fortunatatly Bep is driving. Rick got a little dozy at 3:25 and took a ten minute power nap.I tried to drive for a little but couldn’t stay awake. At 5:15 am the sun is starting to show itself. We have reached the Colorado river.


All liquid diet

Rick is planning an all liquid diet for RAAM. The benefits of taking in calories this way is that this makes it very easy to digest the calories that you need to continue cycling. However the downside is. Liquid calories are boring, and that as you ride all you can think about is what foods […]

Tailwinds and flat tires

Leaving Barrado springs Rick picked up a massive tailwind. I’m guessing a steady 30 miles per hour. A couple of times I looked at him and he was resting from pedaling and was coasting at 25-30 mph.

Rick is being followed pretty much nonstop by one of our vans. The “follow van” leap frogged ahead […]

Glass Elevator

Rick is riding like a champ at 85 miles, borrego springs, CA. Just outside borrego at an elevation of 4227 feet the temperature was 76 degrees. As we descended down the “glass elevator” to 500 feet the temperature was 96 degrees. The heat just rolling up from the furnace.

While 96 sounds hot, just a […]

Moments away from the Start

Rick is dealing with the pre-race jitters by stretching out in the bleachers. Rick’s official start time will be at 12:31 pacific time. As if on cue, the sun has come out to bless the occasion. The crew is ready, Rick is ready, let’s get this show on the road.


Sights from RAAM the day before it all breaks loose…

We passed the inpsection!!

Oceanside, CA

The big event today for Team AFU was the vehicle and bike inspection. By the way, AFU stands for “All Folked Up” as a majority of the members of the crew are avid participants of the Philly Folk Fest. I (George) am an outsider to all this “Folk” […]