Rick’s Best Day at RAAM 2010

Today started with a challenge. Rick started ridiing though Monument Valley on Saturday morning in the rain. And as much as I try to put a happy face on things, his riding was stinking up the joint. Lot’s of stopping and starting, equipement and clothing changes. As a crew person, just not a whole lot […]

Cortez, CO

Rick checked into TS 14 (Cortez, CO) at 3:20 PM EDT (the RAAM website incorrectly has 4:20). 814 miles completed with 2,191 more to go. And for any Randonneurs following along, Rick today has completed his first of four consecutive back-to-back 1200k’s he’s essentially riding. As amazing as that is, the immediate goal for Rick […]

On the way to Cortez, CO

Rick checked into TS 14 (Montezuma Creek, UT) at 10:38 AM EDT and was immediately back on the road and headed to Cortez, CO:

Montezuma Creek, UT to Cortez, CO

This leg features a steady climb into the Colorado Rockies, with an elevation gain of 1,700 feet over 50 miles. At 12:30 PM, Rick […]

20 miles from montezuma creek

Rick is doing well after riding in the rain for several hours. Today we set a goal of 100 miles from 8:45am through 3:30 pm edt.

Here he is flying along while his “loyal” crew sneaks away for a Rare Cappuccino in the desert.

Colorado here we come.


On the way to Montezuma Creek, UT

Rick got back on the road today, at 3AM EDT, after a rather long 5-hour stop in Kayenta for rest and recovery. Since then, he has been riding steady and cleared Time Station 12 (Mexican Hat, UT) at 7AM this morning. The RAAM website is showing Rick at Time Station 13 (Montezuma Creek) already, but […]

I hit the big time!

I’m having fun crewing for Rick. First of all, he has the heart of a lion and second of all he has some pretty darn smart friends that are now my fellow crew members. It is earnest and (fun) group that is working very hard to help him succeed. I’m helping to drive one of […]

Monument Valley

Words and photos are poor substitutes for being here. It is awesome.

Kayenta, AZ

Rick rolled into TS 11 (Kayenta, AZ) at 9:45PM, in a virtual tie for 2nd place. It was another good segment for Rick, covering the 72 miles at 14.4 MPH. He’s been there for about an hour, so it appears like some down time has been scheduled for rest and recovery.

Rick has to reach […]

On the way to Kayenta, AZ

As of 7PM EDT, Spot Tracker placed Rick about one-quarter of the way along the 77-mile segment from Tuba City to Kayenta, AZ:

Tuba City, AZ to Kayenta, AZ

As you can see from the profile above, this leg trends up for the first 60 miles with about 2,000 feet of elevation gain. But […]

Tuba City, AZ

Rick just checked into TS 10 (Tuba City, AZ) at 4:46 PM EDT. This was a very good segment for Rick, averaging 15.5 MPH — Way to go!! Rick managed to close the gap a bit on division first place, by riding nearly 1 MPH faster on this leg.

-Tom Rosenbauer Eastern PA RBA