Kim, CO

At 1:25PM EDT, Rick checked into Time Station 21 at Kim, CO. The RAAM website is showing an average speed of 7.17 MPH for this leg, which of course, has dragged down his overall average speed to 10.3 MPH — slightly below the 10.6 MPH he needs to stay in the game. But this off-pace […]

On the way to Kim, CO

Despite struggling through a rough patch on the way to La Veta, Rick pushed on through after a brief stop there, and made it into Trinidad, CO at 3:29 AM EDT. Although it wasn’t a day for banking some time, Rick at least ended up on track there, with an average speed of 10.6 MPH. […]

Recent favorite Photos from RAAM

A few of my favorite photos from the last several days that didn’t make it into a blog post.

Along cyclists get this one…



“This is RAAM”

This is RAAM,

Rick just endured his toughest day of RAAM. He started at 3:45 a.m. at Time Station #16 in Pagosa Springs, CO. As we reported earlier he successfully reached the continental divide just after daybreak on Sunday. The entire crew turned out to cheer him up the mountian.

The climb was challenging […]

Heading into La Veta, CO

At 9:00PM EDT, Rick was nearly at Time Station 19 (La Veta, CO). The official arrival time has not been posted yet, but it looks like his average speed on this leg was just around 9 MPH. This is a bit off pace, but there are plenty of stages remaining to recover and make up […]

Alamosa, CO

Rick checked into Time Station 18 (Alamosa, CO) at 2:53 PM EDT. It was a very good segment for Rick — he averaged 13.6 MPH over the past 44 miles, despite taking a 30 minute break at the previous time station in South Fork. That increased his overall average to 10.7 MPH. Just before reaching […]

Samim Rizvi

As you may recall from an earlier post, Rick met up with Samim Rizvi the first participant ever from India. Samim was one of the riders right on the edge of the time limit at Durango, but he made it just under the wire.

The high associated with that great accomplishment was described by his […]

On the way to Alamosa, CO

Rick checked into South Fork, CO at 9:50AM EDT. For those of you following along with Spot Tracker, Rick appeared to have backtracked a couple of miles after reaching Time Station 17 in town. This had me a bit puzzled at first, but upon checking out some local maps, there’s a hotel on the edge […]

Wolf Creek Pass, CO

Rick checked into TS 16 (Pagosa Springs, CO) at 1:22 EDT, and then had some scheduled down time for rest and recovery. After a 4-hour break, Rick was back on the road at 5:30AM EDT and headed to South Fork, CO. But in his path is the dreaded climb up and over Wolf Creek Pass […]

On the way to Pagosa Springs

I just spoke with crew member George Metzler, and judging from the background sounds I heard, the entire crew is completely stoked from Rick making a good comeback and riding strongly into Durango, after such an uneven start to the day.

After an ~80 minute break at Durango, Rick is back on the road and […]