A Knife’s Edge

The RAAM website is showing that Rick is on schedule to make the Mississippi time cut and that he will continue on to Annapolis, MD to become an official finisher of RAAM. Rick has poured his best effort into this race and I believe that we as Rick’s crew have given him our best. All […]

Heading into the Ozarks of Missouri

At 4:27 PM EDT, Rick checked into TS31 at Weaubleau, MO. A good stage average of 12.7 MPH, which lifted his overall average speed to 10.58 MPH. He has less than 24 hours to cover 253 miles to the Mississippi River to get under the time cut there. The crew is certainly well aware of […]

On the way to Weaubleau, MO

Heading into Missouri from eastern Kansas

At 11:13 PM EDT, Rick checked into TS 30 (Ft. Scott) with another strong stage of 13.9 MPH, raising his average pace to 10.5 MPH. As of 2PM, he’s just about at the half-way point to TS 31, 66 miles down the road in Weaubleu, MO. I happened […]

On the way to Ft. Scott, KS

At 9AM EDT, Rick was nearly half way along the 59-mile leg to Ft. Scott, KS. This is the last time station in Kansas, before he heads into Missouri. He then has to ride completely across Missouri and reach the Mississippi River before 4 PM EDT on Thursday.

During the overnight hours, Rick took a […]

Maize, KS

At 7PM, Rick checked into TS 27 in Maize, KS. It’s been a great day so far for Rick. He put together another strong stage, averaging 14.5 MPH over the past 77 miles — one of the longer of the 55 time stations. This raised his overall pace to 10.6 MPH, and gets him right […]

Pratt, KS

At 1:43 PM, Rick checked into TS 26 at Pratt, KS. His average speed on this segment was 15.7 MPH — a very fast result we haven’t seen for several days. Along with his 282-mile effort yesterday, these are very promising signs that Rick is making a good recovery and working through all the aches […]

Ford, KS Sleep Break

Rick will be down on a 3 hour sleep break until 10:00 am. EDT. He is resting from yesterday’s 282 mile effort. Last night we played word games over our radios to keep him awake. I’m not the sharpest tack in the box but it really smarts to get beaten by someone who has ridden […]

A Bike Race, at RAAM?

In RAAM you can race for half a day without seeing another competitor but this morning three of the 50-59 solo men’s racers started from Trinidad, CO.

Rick traded places with Komescher (GER) and Paul Carpenter. The competition was real but the comradrie between the racers is even stronger. The crews cheer for their competition […]

Walsh, CO

At 6: 47 PM EDT, Rick checked into TS 22 in Walsh, CO. It was another strong stage for Rick, despite taking a one hour break at the previous TS in Kim, Rick’s average speed for this leg was 12.7 MPH, raising his overall average one tick to 10.4. By my estimate, he’s about 2.5 […]

RAAM pictures

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