Back Home in Reading PA

To all, a note to let you all know that our wonderful team and I arrived safely back in Reading PA very early Sunday morning. After much consideration of our intended goals, plans, and personal commitments, we collectively decided to terminate our adventure near Newton, IL. And as fate would have it, Russ’ mighty Windstar […]

“Only those who will risk going too far …

…can possibly find out how far one can go” (-T.S. Eliot)  As of 6:30PM EDT, Rick Carpenter has gone over 2,139 miles, from the Pacific ocean, across the desert, over the Rockies, across the plains, and beyond the Mississippi River. Rick prudently decided to temporarily suspend riding, after blurred vision and seeing double made it […]

Illinois Afternoon

Shortly before 11AM today, Rick checked into TS 37 at Effingham, IL: 2139 miles completed and 866 to go.  With about 77 hours left to cover that distance, Rick needs to maintain an 11.2 MPH pace to officially finish. This certainly is still within Rick’s grasp. But on top of all the miles and neck […]

illinois morning

Rick accomplished his goal yesterday of reaching the Mississippi river in time to continue RAAM. Rick and crew are both pretty worn out. Because our future in the race was in doubt yesterday, it now feels like we need to regroup and recharge for a final push to the finish line.

Rick continues to battle […]


After crossing the MS river Rick was treated to 4 hours in a hotel room plus his third real shower of this 8 day adventure. Rick is back on the road as of 11:10 pm. Thursday night.

Mississippi River

At 6:06 PM EDT, Rick reached a big milestone: after 2,041 miles and over 194 hours, Rick is at the Mississippi River – a great accomplishment.  The good news, according to crew member George Metzler, is that “…Rick is cleared to continue the race.”

But the bad news is, as the saying goes, “… the […]

2000 Miles Completed – Just 1005 Miles to go!

As Rick races to the Mississippi River, he reached the 2000 mile mark:

1999.9 Miles …

2000 miles in the can!

… congratulations to Rick and the crew for reaching this milestone.  And just further down the road is another big milestone … As of 4:30PM EDT, Rick was on pace to reach the […]

Racing to the Mississippi River

At 11:50 AM EDT, Rick cleared TS 34 in Washington, MO.  That segment had some pretty stiff climbs as the roads weaved up and down the river valley.  The past 16 hours have been a tough battle against the elements with all the night riding, rain showers, and hilly terrain — that would certainly slow down any […]

Looking back: Rick’s starts in Oceanside

On the way to Washington, MO

At 9AM EDT, Rick was about half way along the 77-mile leg to TS 34 in Washington, MO:

Jefferson City, MO to Washington, MO

As you can see, the route follows the Missouri River. There are some impressive looking thunderstorms just to the north of the river, and there is a flood watch all […]